• Government Unveils 2050 Great Barrier Reef Plan
     Experts React http://www.iainmccalman.com/government-unveils-2050-great-barrier-reef-plan/
  • The Reef wins 2014 CHASS Australia Book Prize
     Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences  http://www.iainmccalman.com/the-reef-wins-2014-chass-australia-book-prize/
  • Cairns Tropical Writers Festival 2014
     Professor McCalman appears at the 2014 Cairns Tropical Writers Festival from 12–14 September. http://www.iainmccalman.com/events/cairns-tropical-writers-festival-2014/
  • She Only Cries at Night
     Professor McCalman features in the latest offering from award winning Sydney based theatre company The Living Room Theatre. http://www.iainmccalman.com/events/she-only-cries-at-night/
  • MMRF Videos
     Videos of two Sydney Environment Institute events featuring Professor McCalman http://www.iainmccalman.com/events/marine-and-maritime-research-festival#vid/

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